In re: Super zoom on Google Maps

So if you’ve never used Google maps you’ve been missing out on one of the better web applications out there, the fairly smooth scrolling, the zooming, etc are all pretty solid.  The directions themselves are pretty poor I’d say (in terms of finding a good route) but for actual map legibility and just exploring an area its pretty good.  Another aspect is that you can see satellite images (not as good as Google Earth, a software download, but still good) well apparently you can do better then you thought.  By altering the URL you can increase the z factor and get a couple zooms closer on some places, including my house.  Some folks have found some pretty interesting things (camels for one) as well as bringing up the fact that this may start to raise some privacy concerns by some folks.  (Don’t forget anything you can see from a plane doesn’t need a search warrant – so be careful in your backyards!)

Check it out at Googleblogoscope


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