In re: Crown to be replaced on UK pint glasses

1303.jpg“An EU ruling means all new pint glasses are to be stamped with the European CE mark – an abbreviation of the French for “European Conformity”. It is further evidence of Europe’s grip on the traditional British way of life.
Already greengrocers have been forced to sell produce in kilos and grams, rather than centuries-old pounds and ounces. ” (Daily Express – “Bitter Blow for British Pint“)

May be of little interest to those on the left side of the pond, but in the UK all pint glasses (which are 20 ozs no less) are stamped with the crown and a number showing that the glass (or the batch rather) holds the measure it purports to.  This marking has been going on for quite a long time (since 1699), but now it seems like the crown is set to be gone, despite an uproar from many.  The replacement, under EU conformity, is “CE”, meaning Conformité Européenne or European Conformity.  Many do not like this (and in general oppose further conforming with Europe as one can see from the comments at the Scotsman)  The pub trade isn’t going to take it sitting down and has responded with a letter to many in the Government

“As representatives of Britain’s brewing and pub industry we were disappointed by the Government’s decision to support the Measuring Instruments Directive. This means that the Crown stamp – used since 1699 to guarantee the size of pints and half pints – is now being replaced with the Conformité Européenne (CE) mark.

“It is a needless intrusion into a system, which has worked well for many years and continues to do so. We feel that it has been imposed on our industry without consultation and against the wishes of our consumers.
“This directive is yet another in a long line of examples of excessive interference from Brussels which only serve to undermine support for the EU among business leaders and the wider public.
“As such we are writing to ask you to consider negotiating a derogation from the directive for the UK to allow the Crown to continue to be printed on pint glasses.”

(See Morning


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