Disappearing law students

I promised Ed that I would stop talking about American Idol. In fact, I really wanted to talk about law school stuff when I asked Ed to guest blog here. Idol was just a way to stir up some drama for a Friday. So, now, onto the serious stuff.

Last week, one of my students mentioned the name of another 3L law student whom I had taught in first year. I was amazed to hear the person’s name again and to realize that I hadn’t seen this person around the law school since the first year — meaning over 2 years ago. Apparently, few of this person’s classmates see this person, either, except for class.

One of the things I wondered: how many law students “disappear” from law school after their first year? On the last day of class for almost all of my classes, I tell my students that I hope to see them again before they graduate, hopefully again in one of my classes. Usually, it doesn’t happen that way, but at least I do see them around campus. A few, though, I may not see again for the rest of their law school career until graduation, if that. For some reason, this makes me feel sad, especially for students whom I had the good fortune of teaching in their first year of law school.


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