In re: The trial of the century – that you never heard of

No, not OJ Simpson, but Conrad Black, the Canadian turned British lord, faces is on trial up in Chicago.   Black, also know as Lord Black of Crossharbour, is charged along with others, of looting tens of millions from the media company the ran is the huge story in Canada. 

 The trial concerns Black’s alleged stealing from from Chicago-based Hollinger International Inc. of tens of millions of dollars and subsequently his legal troubles have created an international spectacle due to his “extraordinary wealth, bombastic personality and defiance.”  Another stuning turn of events was Black’s choosing of the premier Canadian trial attorney to lead his defense team, the Judge was not thrilled with this and required Black to sign a waiver and lose any right to appeal for ineffective counsel. 

The Globe and Mail and other papers have had such large coverage of the story that they created special sections dealing with the trial.   I haven’t followed the trial that closely, but it was a bit interesting to read the Canadian perspective of watching a trial in the US.  One difference they noted was the nature of the prosecutors who took time for photos and PR, where apparently in Canada they would not. 


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