In re: Back from Guatemala

My last spring break possibly was spent in Guatemala where along with some friends I headed down last weekend to attend a friends wedding and to see a bit of the country beforehand.  Every time I travel I always find new things to appreciate about home (as well as to criticize) and without fail one of the things that we take for granted is our showers.  Getting back into a hot shower with water pressure here in the states is quite the experience compared to the places I visited in Guatemala where we often didn’t have hot water or had it for a few hours a day.  Of course hot water isn’t the most essential component of life, but it sure is nice along with the ability to turn on the faucet and without a thought use it for filing a pot, drinking water, or whatever else we do all the time.

So its back to law school, the home stretch, got a few nice weekend excursions down the homestretch, hopefully some nice weekends and some nice walks for Charlie but hooding (the end of law school) is definitely in sight.


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