Failing the bar exam

So this post is meant to offer 3Ls some perspective on taking the upcoming bar exam.  I know it’s still early, but Ed may kick me off before then.

The bar exam strikes fear, I gather, in all who must take it.  I definitely had experienced moments of sheer and utter panic in the last months before the bar.  The reason: there are so many subjects on the MBE, so much minutiae, so much brute memorization.  And then there are the essay questions, not to mention the sheer physical demands of taking a 2 or 3 day examination.  To be honest, I had not taken that many “bar” courses in law school and thought I had a good chance of failing.  I did pass, but that doesn’t mean my fears were unfounded.  The bar is a demanding exam.  On any bad day, I believe anyone can fail (putting aside even the randomness of grading the essay question by those hired by the state to grade). (Indeed, a number of very famous people have failed the bar.) 

So what does this all mean?  Study as soon as graduation is over.  OK, maybe the week after.  But also keep things in perspective, too.  All lawyers have gone through the same ordeal.  All pretty much hate the experience.  Many pass on the first try (particularly if they study), but many don’t.  The one good thing about the bar: it’s not limited to a one-time deal.    


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