In re: Is apple finally going credit you for singles purchases?

iTunes is by far and away the main source of my music purchases today, and apparently it is for many people as sales of digital music have been soaring, while physical copy sales decline.  One of the great perks of buying online is the unbundling possibilities, that is being able to pick and choose the songs you want.  The downside of this has always been that if you buy a few songs off an album and suddenly realize you want the whole thing, the album cost is still $9.99 and you feel like you just wasted your singles purchases, as two copies of DRM’ed music is about as much fun as one copy.  Despite this people like myself have ended up biting the bullet and grabbing the whole album after dappling, but other-times we may have not.  Thankfully Apple has finally put an end to this problem and will apparently begin to sell albums at a discount by the number songs you purchased already, so grabbing the single suddenly puts you in the position of being more likely to buy the album ($1 off after one song, etc.) rather than the old system of forcing you to decide if it is worth paying $1 extra (the one you already paid for the song).  See article on it at ars technica


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