What’s the big deal about Barrister’s Ball?

Over the weekend, I attended, for the first time, the “Barrister’s Ball,” otherwise known as the law school prom. This year, over 430 people showed up. Amazing. That’s probably the most for any law school function other than graduation.

The Ball was at a nice reception hall, with an open bar and decent food. But, to be honest, I still can’t figure out exactly why so many students really like this formal event. Sure, there’s an open bar, but students still pay $40 per person so it’s not exactly free. (update by ed: $25 per person, $50 a couple, not a bad deal for an evening out if you plan to get a few drinks)

Even more hard for me to figure is why students really like their professors to attend. I mean, you get students in class and they barely want to speak to you and avoid eye contact at all costs. But I’ve received numerous emails in the past from students asking me to attend the Ball, and similar requests are sent to other profs, too. In reading those emails, I always had the suspicion that I was about to be punk’d.

That said, I did have a really good time. It was fun to see the students all suaveed up, and some of my former students I hadn’t seen in ages. But I could have gone without witnessing the one first year student who jumped out of his seat to be first on the dance floor. The guy did a wild version of the worm and then went into the audience and basically grinded his butt against random students (let’s hope he knew them).


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