National Championship, Florida – Ohio State: Oops, they did it again

At least we didn’t get blown out again in a National Championship game.  That’s perhaps the best thing that can be said today.  But there were some eery similarities to what happened back in January.  Ohio State went ice cold from the field (except for the inside play of Greg Oden), while Florida went “lights out” making everything in sight.  Florida threw out an arsenal of different defensive schemes, while Ohio State made few, if any, adjustments on either side of the ball to what Florida was doing.  (I mean how can you leave Lighty on the bench for so long when that guy is probably your best defender?)  We know all too well in Ohio what happens when Plan A doesn’t work, but there is no Plan B.  The shot of Jim Tressel sitting in the stands late in the game with a split screen of a smiling Urban Meyer only added more insult to injury.  No one in Columbus talks about what happened back in January, so it was cruel for CBS to air those peppy, if not downright smug, Florida cheer leaders before the game reminding everyone how bad a whooping we received.  Like the rest of Columbus, I just can’t talk about this anymore. 


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  1. I thought the Gators would win last night, but if any team had the chance to beat them, it was the Bucks. If not for as cold a shooting night as I’ve seen from Lewis and Butler and the rest of the cast, I’m sure it would have been a barnburner.

    Question for those of you in Columbus? Do you get the sense that Oden loves college enough to stay for one more year? Watching from afar, I kind of do. He seems humble, we all know he loves playing with Conley (who would be an idiot to jump to the NBA right now), and maybe he’ll be left with a bad, bad taste in his mouth after the loss last night. Perhaps bad enough to want a Nat’l Title next year.

    It’s the best kind of Catch-22 if you ask me, though. If he goes, he’s the No.1 pick (which he cemented after such a great game last night). If he stays, he’s the man for another year, and the Bucks are picked to win it all — most likely. That is, unless, Durant stays, too. And if that happens, how great would a Texas/OSU matchup in the Final Four be next year in San Antonio? Whewwwwwwww. I would love for that to happen, but chances are at least one of them will bolt for the $$$.

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