In re: Crazy weekend of snow moves Indians to Milwaukee?

Sunday was Easter and I woke up only to find that indeed the blizzard of lake effect snow that had canceled the Indians games all weekend had continued, bringing to a total about 17 inches at my parents house. Thankfully Sunday afternoon when I got back to Columbus there was zero evidence of snow and it was a good deal warmer. The Cleveland Indians also escaped Cleveland’s weather by making the strange move to a neutral site, in Wisconsin of all places, where the weather wouldn’t be much nicer, but thanks to the dome the series against the Angels would proceed. For some reason I was pretty fascinated by the neutral site game, (I also found it interesting to see the Italian soccer games played in empty stadiums after the death of a police officer outside a game in Sicily earlier this season). So I tuned into the Indians game tonight expecting a similar empty house of probably a few thousand curious fans who’d bite at the $10 sit where you want system.

Those of us expecting small crowds were dead wrong, and the game proved to be quite exciting with the crowd getting into it, Slider, the Indians mascot sliding down the Milwaukee slide after home-runs, the traditional sausage race taking place (Chorizo lost at the last minute to Italian sausage) and throughout it all fans kept streaming in, filling up the areas that were allotted for the game (upper deck was closed, so was the outfield).

“Some speculated the Indians’ three-game, home-away-from-home series against the Angels would be played in front of empty seats and lonely concession workers. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.By 6 p.m. ET Tuesday, an hour before game time, nearly 12,000 tickets were sold for the series opener. By the third inning, more than 18,000 had been sold and fans were still pouring in. The final attendance was 19,031, and a similar crowd was expected for Wednesday night.” (See

Also the Indians smartly flew in longtime Indian fan and drummer John Adams who goes to nearly every home game at Jacobs field. A great success, I really enjoyed the game. Baseball the way it was meant to be… “it was a night for the fan. Luxury suites were closed. The front rows weren’t filled with suits and ties, but rather college kids and families who otherwise wouldn’t get a chance to get an up close view of America’s pastime.” (

On a completely different note, I just heard a cover of the song Crazy by Gnarls Barkley, performed by Ray LaMontagne, I was pretty impressed, if you know anything about Ray’s singing (and the song Crazy) you might think it a strange choice of covers, but it works really well (I really like covers that are completely different then the originals, Iron & Wines cover of the Such Great Heights being an example, then I found that Nelly Furtado did a cover of Crazy as well, but was less enthused.) You can hear the song on YouTube, not sure who made the video,


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