In re: Ringtones may be the new music industry

“There’s no question that Akon’s stuff sounds best braying from a Motorola Razr.”

-“Lord of the Ringtones: How Akon became a star” at Slate

If you haven’t purchased $1.99 ringtones yourself you may be in the shrinking minority. The craze hadn’t seemed to have hit the states as hard when I went to study abroad in college, but while in Europe you’d be hard pressed to find a commercial segment on a TV show without an ad listing how to buy ringtones in various countries. Well today in the US apparently the market for the snippets of songs is huge and music companies are increasingly relying on this source of revenue. Thankfully certain artists have stepped up to the plate and in a interesting article on Slate the singer/rapper Akon is the target as his music is declared to be pretty weak, but his jingle-esq hooks make them perfect for ringtones.

“As for Akon’s hooks: They’re little jingles, of four or so notes, generally in minor keys. In truth, they’re not really proper choruses so much as advertisements for ringtones, which, as any music-industry analyst will tell you, is where the real money is these days.” (Slate)


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