In re: New look for in re?

Normally I don’t blog about the blog (unlike Jim Rome, the number one topic on In re: isn’t in re) The loyal reader(s) however may have noticed a change in the look the other day, which I must admit I did not set-out to do, but after clicking around on the themes page I ended up leaving it the way it is currently looking. When I switched to there were only a few themes available and slowly they have added some more, most of which appeal to those with tastes different then myself, so at least for a little bit its gonna be green.

Update: Trying out another one, the first green/blue theme seems to have a lot of bugs in it when placing photos.  So it might be back to good old gray pretty soon .


One Response

  1. I liked the old look better. I feel like I’m standing in a big, empty white room with a table and chair. Made out of metal.

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