In re: New(ish) camera

For a long time I’ve been looking to move into the DSLR world of photography, as I have long since given up on film, despite having some nice film cameras and opted to use point and shoot digitals for the expanded abilities and ease of digital photos. Well no more, this week I got a refurbished Nikon D50, after doing lots of research into the pros/cons of the D50 and the newer D40 which replaced it (and some think is worse in some aspects – better in others) The D50 is the entry level SLR in Nikons lineup, but gives plenty of room for amateurs to let loose and tweak their shots in fully manual modes.

With the new camera I hope to start doing better closeup photography, including food photography. So far in the short time i’ve spent with the camera I’ve been amazed at what it is capable of. I’ll post a few sample shots I’ve taken, although the closeups were done w/out a tripod (next on my list) so they aren’t as good as I’d like (I used a larger aperture then I would have on the tripod but wanted to avoid camera shake). In case your curious about the lighting, it is not ideal and it is my dining room lap, covered in a piece of tissue paper and a desk lap using a CFL bulb, also with tissue paper serving as a diffuser, again not ideal. The background is an infinity board that I picked up, but could easily be duplicated with some poster board propped up behind with something to make a sweeping arc.

Top left to bottom right: Figurine (FL) & Woodford Reserve , 2007 Kentucky Derby Bottle, Wood Carving, Maximon (Guatemala), Argentine Coin


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