In re: DONE.

3 years can really pass quickly when your too busy reading dusty old cases and spending your nights in coffee shops with oversized books, smaller sized supplements and a laptop screen that is too often in gmail rather than on my notes.  Sadly and gladly 3 years of law school are now over.  Last Friday I walked out of the last law exam and possibly last school exam I’ll ever take.  While I’ll miss law school, most of it will be for the friends rather than the sure joy of spending my time immersed in our glorious set of laws.  That said I do like school, I enjoy the idea of academia, but I think I’ll relish getting out into the real world where I will be doing things besides preparing for exams.  Many people I know, who went through the same exact law school as I, had very different experiences, some loved it, some hated it, some were indifferent, some still want to be lawyers and some have already turned their backs on the field.  I for one think it is a pretty amazing experience and that one can go to law school without entering the world of the Paper Chase or One L, but that might be a result of having been at school in the Midwest (as one of our profs so often reminds us) compared to Harvard.  It feels good to be done, but it really hasn’t hit me yet as studying for the bar exam doesn’t seem so far removed from school.


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  1. Congratulations to you!

    I know that a few too many viewings of The Paper Chase sent me off to law school quaking in my boots.

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