In re: Immigration reform

Hopefully my lack of posting has helped all of your relative productivity’s (rest assured, it has not helped mine!)  I just thought I’d throw briefly my thoughts on the bipartisan immigration reform bill, working its way through Washington.  First of all, despite my pro-immigration stance, I recognize the problems with having a blatant disregard for the law that is essentially occurring across the country where illegal immigrants are hired in large numbers without much thought or consequence.  So there needs to be change I feel, that said I think the benefits of having these immigrants is huge as I feel that we benefit and they benefit (there are arguments that they decrease wages as the jobs they do would be paid better if they weren’t here to do it) that said it would also decrease spending power of people because prices would rise – not too mention our employment isn’t so high that we have so many people who will take these jobs, there will always be a certain percentage of unemployed who are ‘frictional’, that is between jobs, looking for work, not taking any jobs available, (its a tough argument to get my head around, I feel there are good points on both sides).

Anyway, while I generally don’t like anything Bush has touched, this plan (essentially a form of amnesty of those here, strict punishment on employers who hire those without a ‘card’, and stepping up border security but allowing some guest workers.  I like it, I think the current situation was untenable and this is the kind of sensible program, of course now the Republicans are likely not to get behind ‘their’ President, but I hope they do.

(Also, interesting to see how many Mexican consulates their are in the US (47, believe it or not) and what they are doing (providing consular ID cards that are helping illegals get bank accounts, etc.) See story at NY Times

Lastly, I should mention I am posting this from the Columbus airport, which has free wifi as I have mentioned before and that I think that is the greatest idea.   Also see the apparent public support behind the bill here.


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  1. Not exactly on topic, but I wanted to make a comment about the often uttered comment, “Illegals are performing jobs that Americans are unwilling to do.” Total BS if you ask me – It is, as Ed points out above – a money issue, not a willingness issue. There are few jobs I can imagine that are worse than working in a coal mine – and yet even without a significant salary, we somehow find Americans who are willing to perform the job. I like the new bill as it compares to the current situation, but I am skeptical that enforcement will magically occur in an area where it has not for so long (I do hear there are allegedly greater incentives to report empoloyers who hire illegals). With all the talk of benchmarks in foreign policy these days, I wouldn’t mind holding the Mexican government to a few – otherwise, build the wall.

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