In re: Searing to seal in the juices?

Okay, I hear this so often that I thought I should put this up.  You CANNOT ‘sear in juices.’  So many cooks who should know more seem to fall into the logic that the reason you sear something is to lock in the juice, this is not so, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sear your meats, but the real reason is the browning creates good flavors (browning is also known as the Maillard reaction, which is caused when you heat sugars and amino acids together), so if you see this on TV feel free to join me in shouting at the host [on a side note, aside from the Food Network I watched on the flight I have really been steering clear of the Food Network which has gone way downhill, with shows focusing more and more on dining out and lifestyle shows while leaving behind shows that are actually on cooking].  For more see wikipedia which mentions the Good Eats episode that did a study to see what amount of ‘juice’ is lost in searing versus lower temperature cooking methods.


3 Responses

  1. Pointing out the errors on Food Network shows is one of the only pleasures I get from watching it!

    And even Good Eats has kind of “jumped the shark.” sometimes his over the top gadgetry just makes me roll my eyes most of the time. Still the best thing going on the Food Network.

  2. Big E,

    Didn’t you say you were NOT a food snob some time back?

    Maybe you’re just not a good enough cook to sear in juices?

    Just kidding dude! Keep fighting the good fight.

  3. LtW – Unfortunatly I’ll have to agree with you that Good Eats, once a ‘must see’ of mine, has jumped the shark, I mean do I really need to use an ironing board that I’ve bolted things to, in order to make pasta? talk about a unitasker…

    As you say it may be a pleasure to watch the horrors of the food network for fun, but I just couldn’t pull myself to watch the food network awards (I hate the concept of awards shows as is) but seriously, what a stretch. I wish they had shows like the discovery channel had back in the day (great chefs series) with just a translator, a real chef in a real kitchen, no personality maybe, but I think I learned a lot from that series growing up.

    I won’t even get started on Sandra Lee…

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