In re: Chicken or the egg – either way Columbus transport sucks

Columbus Ohio may be good at creating chain restaurants and the insurance business, but it is not good at public transport.  Of course with cheap gas flowing through its veins Columbus has sprawled and built countless highways and no one seemed to care – until now that is.  Now that gas is riding up towards $4 people are thinking that they might want to take the bus in, instead of drive the 15-20 miles they have between their homes and work, but no dice as apparently some of the routes from park and ride stations only run at the strangest times in around 7 o’clock and back around 4 o’clock in the afternoon, meaning no one with a full time job can use it (apparently this is due to a union contract, or so someone who has complained to Cota has said).  The problem is of course how is there going to be a whole schedule of buses waiting to take these people when no one was riding it in the first place, clearly running empty buses as people were content to drive themselves was not going to be viable and one cannot expect all of a sudden there to be routes that fit these peoples schedules when they never put fare money into the system.

This all comes back to why I want high gas prices in the first place (via a tax) that sends the message to people the true cost of their automobile usage and helps funnel that money back into more efficient mass transport.  I for one am behind the idea of street cars in Columbus and in general creating a much better transport network for central Ohio, but we cannot expect it to just be there when we have refused to use and fund it for so many years.

See also Christian Science Monitor article on getting better gas mileage


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