In re: Let’s face realities of bottle water

VossBottled water is and has been the rage here in the states and for companies, restaurants, ballparks and anyone out to make a buck, it is truly amazing, marking up essentially free water means high profit levels for everyone along the way. Bottled water in third world countries makes sense (although this too hopefully can change) where there is not clean water available, but here, in the US, a country with some of the cleanest, safest drinking water supply in the world? No matter, we still choose to bottle, ship and expend huge amounts of energy transporting around water, water that moves very efficiently through our underground pipes, but which we choose to duplicate on the road in trucks.

I was always a bit annoyed to see top class restaurants attempt to pressure patrons into buying top shelf waters, and I was excited to see that some, including Mario Batali’s Del Posto, have chosen to resist and offer good old fashioned water (you can filter your tap water quite cheaply and end up with pretty good tasting water), the restaurant will offer an explanation to their high flying patrons why the choose to go w/ carafes was made. I hope this is the beginning of a new trend, to stop the waste. See Tree Hugger “No Bottled Water in Mario Batali’s New York Restaurant.”


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