In re: We are all witnesses

nikebasketball_lbj_witness1.jpgLast night I was lucky enough to see Lebron James (& the Cavaliers) beat almost single handedly the Detroit Pistons in a double overtime game that was one for the ages.  LeBron has faced criticism early in the series for every decision of his that led to the opening losses, but last night, scoring 25 straight points for the Cavaliers, becoming the only option on the offense (Detroit knew what was coming, but couldn’t stop him, even when doubled.) 

James scored the last 25 points for Cleveland, 29 of their last 30, and his final shot, a drive past three Pistons, slicing their famous defense to shreds, left whatever remains of the Pistons’ swagger in pieces on the Palace floor. You say this no matter who you root for: LeBron James, on Thursday night, gave one of the greatest performances in the history of the NBA playoffs. – Mitch Albom, Detroit Free Press

As a Cleveland fan, the game was nerve racking and at each moment I wrote our team off, LeBron made another improbable shot (fade away three pointer to tie) that no one should be making.  And in the end, when the game was over I along when countless other Cleveland fans (and others) were in disbelief that our team was once again one win away from the finals (last year we were in the same position, up a game, heading home for game 6 to Detroit – but ended up losing two straight).  Of course last nights achievement will mean more if Cleveland makes it to the finals, but no matter, LeBron James performance in the 4th quarter and the two overtimes will go down as one of the greatest performances in NBA history and are helping create a history for the Cavaliers that doesn’t include shots against us.


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