In re: Its not April 1, Cleveland Cavaliers are in the finals.

trophey.jpgWhen the Cavaliers were up by a seemingly insurmountable 18 points with a few minutes left in game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals against Detroit, I, along with probably countless Clevelanders began thinking of how it would be possible to blow it.  Its not that were pessimists, its that years of horrors, the drive, the shot, the fumble, Mesa – game 7, 9th inning, have made it almost impossible to believe that things can go right for us.  Yet as each remaining minute passed and the lead didn’t shrink, the scoreboard didn’t fall down and I realized it was true, and finally with the clock reading 0:00 I believed it – well sorta.  To be honest it has hardly set in that the Cleveland Cavaliers, a team so bad, that while I was growing up my friends and I could sit entirely alone in the upper bowl (ushers would tell us we could move down if we wanted, but often we stayed as having a whole side of an arena to yourself is something that can be enjoyable).  Somehow that has changed (at least partially changed, the major factor is of course the luck of one ping pong ball and one guy named LeBron). 

One sports writer penned that we in Cleveland shouldn’t be celebrating now as we haven’t won anything yet, and while normally I might have agreed some time ago (hockey players barely touch their conference trophies) I think my mindset has changed and I agree with a fan who posted in response that he disagreed, we should be celebrating, for us getting to a final is a victory.  Seeing fans filling the gap between Jacobs Field and the ‘Q’ win or lose the finals was worth it and just winning the east is quite an achievement for us – maybe a complete failure for Detroit, but I will take it (just as I am glad we went to the World Series in ’95 and ’97, despite losing, its still better to get in the limelight for 7 games)  So while it still hasn’t sunk in, hopefully on Thursday night when I get to tune in to a championship featuring the Cavaliers for the first time it will and I will enjoy it win or lose.


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  1. Ed- I have to entirely agree with you about the end of the Cavs game. Jay and I were watching at Panini’s on Coventry, and when we took the big lead with around 7 minutes left in the game, I turned to him and said that I felt entirely too comfortable with that lead. Even now, at the brink of a title for the first time in nearly 45 years, I keep thinking of how this could all fall apart.

    That being said, I do think it has been amazing how the Cavs have brought a historically football town together, and its great all the attention that the national media is now giving to beautiful Cleveland

  2. I always thought moving down to the lower level wasn’t an option because a certain member of the audience couldn’t get the same echo off the rafters when hollering “PUT IN RYAN STACK!”

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