In re: Most expensive rice cooker

ricecooker.jpgIf you really like rice and have a spare 100,000 yen ( US$ 830) to spend you are now in luck as Toshiba’s rice cooking R&D unit has brought us a machine that utilizing vacuum pressure cooking, diamonds, silver and all kinds of electronics is able to produce, well rice. ” More than four years ago, Japan’s Toshiba Corp. began working on a top-secret electronic device…Toshiba’s creation is the “Vacuum Pressure Cooker,” the company’s most expensive rice cooker ever. The pressure makes it possible to boil the water in the cooker at a higher temperature.” (excerpt at WSJ, sub required for more, message board at Cooks Illustrated has a bit more of it and some fun censoring..)

Oh and if your curious there actually is a more expensive rice cooker out there: The “Mitsubishi IH rice cooker, Wclass NJ-WS10. Solid black skin hides a solid black inner pot, too. This pot, with its average thickness of 7.5mm, is a real sight because it was shaved from a solid carbon ingot. The ingot is sent to China, and there, skilled lathe turners shape the pot one by one, with its serial number proudly embossed. IH (induction heating) heats up the pot directly by electromagnetic induction, without a medium of heat conduction. To receive the induction heating, the pot has to be made of ferromagnetic material or, at least, be coated with it. But the solid carbon! Mitsubishi has manufactured a lot of IH rice cookers with ferromagnetic inner pot coated by a carbon layer. On this” (from CNet Asia “The deadly weapon for rice war“)


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  1. […] like myself have started to try highly awesome asian strains of rice.  We even go all-out on special machines to cook it to perfection.  A lot of people aks me how I like to eat my rice — because I am […]

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