In re: Apple releases Safari for Windows

safari.jpgIf your not familiar with it, Safari is the browser that Apple has included with it Mac OS operating system for a while now, and will include on the upcoming iPhone.  Just as they have done with iTunes, Apple has decided to release Safari out into the world of Windows.  I for one was pretty excited as I love anything that helps cutback the idea of a standard browser (i.e. IE) and maintain the idea that websites are to be written in a uniform code that any browser could view, allowing innovation (for example IE did not added tab browsing for a long time after Firefox and others had it).  So being intrigued I downloaded the beta version of Safari and loaded it up.  Apple claims for speed and ease may have some benchmark tests to back it up, but from my first glance it seemed to be slower at loading pages then Firefox and generally its interface be a tad slower.  I must admit I really like the aesthetics of the browser and may use it from time to time for its slick looking display of websites.  As with the release of iTunes for the Windows OS, I think this is a smart move by Apple, who cannot remain in their own ecosystem entirely if they wish to prosper, setting the iPod loose for everyone has allowed it to grow into the huge hit it is and to get iTunes sales figures where they are.   


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