In re: Bar review lunch break.

After watching my BAR/BRI bar review morning lecture on Contract home on DVD after getting up a bit later then I wanted and not wanting to rob Charlie of a walk, I was primed for a lunch break after hour two, and instead of my usual 10 minute break the school gives you at home I took a leisurely lunch break, whipping up my homemade equivalent of a gyro.

I had some thinly shaved ribeye (fresh, not that steakums stuff) in the fridge, and i tossed some of it in a mixture of lemon juice, olive oil, greek seasoning, sea salt, pepper and then tossed it in a pan to quickly cook, steamed a pita, which i then put on the grill pan, spread some yogurt sauce that I had picked up from trader joes the other day, topped with some lettuce and tomato and there you go. A quick pretty tasty gyro-esq lunch.

Later on trying to stay awake and concentrating on the amazingly exciting world of 3rd party beneficiary contracts I took some of my now cold coffee, ice and tossed it with some half and half in a cocktail shaker to get it nice frothy iced coffee. The material still wasn’t interesting, but it was tasty.


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