In re: A knighthood worth killing over?

The United Kingdom knights various people for various reasons, and most recently the controversial author Salman Rushie, who is most famous for his book The Satanic Verses, that led at the time to violent protests and a death wish from Iran (which has since been taken back).  I will be the first to admit I do not understand what it is like to live life with the fervor of worshipers who take such offense at what others say about them they wish death upon them.  To me the fact that England bestows knighthoods is just a matter of casual curiosity, a relic of olden times and the meaning of the knighting having lost most of its meaning when the likes of Elton John and Keith Richards enter the round table.  Still it is of course England condoning a controversial author, but being a modern pluralistic democracy that thrives upon diversity of opinions England can embrace these various ‘knights’ who hold  very little in common with the knights of yore or each other.Returning to the Middle East I am left to wonder why it is okay for them to get so upset when their religion is spoken poorly upon, but I am left to be told by them (and I assume without recourse) that I am to believe in one god and it is to be theirs.  The logic of this seems to be lacking and I really wonder why they are so (is it insecure?) about their religion that others cannot go attempting to poke holes in it?  There is inherently a flaw in such a stance I feel.

“If someone commits suicide bombing to protect the honour of the Prophet Muhammad, his act is justified,” the minister said, according to Reuters news agency.The minister later clarified his statement, saying extremists could use it to justify attacks.”  See BBC


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  1. I don’t think it’s really hypocritical at all. If you believe your faith is correct, it is a natural instinct to disparage those who speak against it and of course you will try to discredit all the other incorrect religions and promote your own. Almost every religion does this to some degree.

    My problem here is just the assumption among so many people that only Islam is intolerant. Christianity has historically been just as good if not better at discrimination and hate.

  2. I have no particular affinity for any religions, but when is the last time you heard any other major faiths have ‘mainstream’ officials put out condemnations of death upon people?

    I think people were upset about the Jesus depicted in elephant dung artwork that went up, and I may be wrong but there is a different response — although again a response I didn’t like as I do not understand why they care so much how others view them and their gods, but there were no threats (again there may have been, as people are nuts) start bombing.

  3. You are separating people from their circumstances, though. One area of the world is locked in turmoil and has been for years. Suicide bombings are not uncommon. The other area you mention is in the United States. I think that the degree with which people respond is predominantly a product of their environment, not their specific religion (or has Ashik said something I’m not aware of?).

  4. I don’t recall refering to the other area as the United States, what I intended rather is the rest of the world. The response to violence is not unique (Belfast, Greek/Turkish Cyprus Relations, The Balkans, etc.) but the style of the commdemnation is different I feel, and while the specifics of suicide bombing I agree is partially cultural / environmental there is an inherent aspect of Islam that is violent (religion of the sword) and if you peak at the history of the religon (as with many others) violence plays a particularly large role as many insist that violence is a proper way to further their religion.

    I believe that any religion or belief structure that preaches violence as a means to an end of general use is wrong, and there should only be very narrow usage of such things. Who does this condemn? Well of course our country, as well as countless other groups and religions, but this is one of the reasons I am losing respect for many religions that I feel are quite hypocritical with Islam and the other major faiths all suffering from similar flaws.

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