In re: Anthony Bourdain’s Trip to Cleveland

Anthony Bourdain is one of my favorite ‘celebrity’ chefs. Actually for the most part the true celebrity chefs I am not to big a fan of for the most part and I’ve lamented my loss of the Food Network earlier on here. Anyway, one of the few non-cooking, cooking shows that I really enjoy is Bourdain’s No Reservation’s show on the Travel Channel. On the show he travels to a country or city and documents his time and experience with local food (& some culture). Anyway, author Michael Ruhlman who is friends with Bourdain (as seen in the Las Vegas episode of No Reservations) somehow convinced Bourdain to come and do a show on Cleveland (where I grew up!), which they filmed last January. September 3 is supposed to be when the episode airs and I am really excited as I can’t imagine anything better to do. To hype up the episode they made a little teaser clip that features Bourdain and Cleveland’s legendary comic author Harvey Pekar.

One of the featured locales in the episode is The Sausage Shoppe (despite Bourdain apparently being woeful about the demise of such places, at least for now Cleveland has more then its fair share of great sausage makers although who knows how long they can keep standing).

“West Side Market , I wish we had a market that good in New York..”  “…go to the Sausage Shoppe instead of the supermarket” Bourdain said, he thought it was “authentic and artisanal,” and would create “a line around the block in Seattle or New York.” Bourdain’s Thoughts on Cleveland from PD article (link below).

Over on the Sausage Shoppe’s website they have some photos from the visit. Also listen to 90.3 WCPN’s (a Cleveland NPR station) show Around Noon archived show that feature Bourdain and Ruhlman and an article from the Plain Dealer.


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  1. Thanks for posting this information on Bourdain’s visit to Cleveland! He is by far my favorite celebrity chef/travel guide. I love his sarcastic sense of humor, so entertaining! Whether this was a planned visit or not, it is wonderful to get some positive press about Cleveland and all the amazing food it has to offer. Bourdain has got it right when he says that a place like the Sausage Shoppe would have lines around the corner in a city like New York or Seattle. The Sausage Shoppe has been on my list to check out for a while, it has just moved to the top! And, of course, nothing beats the West Side Market!

  2. I saw the promo for the show too and found it a little cringe-worthy as in “I hope this doesn’t turn into a Cleveland-is-a-cultural-wasteland” episode. I’m delighted to learn that he’s a fan of Cleveland and promoting great local artisans. I just read Bourdain’s most recent book and loved it. Made me want to sell my house and move to Brazil in a serious way.

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