In re: Bar review browsings

Just a few misc topics to distract you with (I should be studying and I will get back to the books ASAP – the bar is tuesday can’t wait!)

Saw this on Slash Food, normally we think of the Japanese as healthy eaters (although I’ve mentioned  before how that’s changing as they have shortened lunches and added lots of fast food to it) but Pizza Hut in Japan has created the ultimate Japanese pizza – check it out, its pretty amazing.

 Walkability – haven’t had the site Walk Score work for me, but basically sounds like a cool Google Maps mash-up that scores how walkable your house is, seems like a good tool for folks who are planning a move or want to assess if they really should be driving all they are.

Stuffing your bookshelves – you may remember a recent post where I talked about bookshelves?  Well one reader of Apartment Therapy, a blog on design among other things, asked the readers how they should go about filling the bookshelves for a client who didn’t want to pick out his own books for a new apartment.  The backlash was immense, but there were a few good counter arguments to those who demonized anyone who wouldn’t fill their books with their personal, slowly acquired collection that reflects who they are (defining us, or are we defining the shelf?)

“I don’t trust people who don’t own books. Unless there is a good reason, like their old place just burned down or something.” Comment on Apartment Therapy (I think I kinda agree, it would be kinda weird to have no books at all)


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