In re: Ohio Bar Exam Begins… Tomorrow

Tomorrow the Ohio bar exam starts at 9am and for those of us studying its almost a sigh of relief to finally get to the bar (that doesn’t mean we feel prepared).  Today I tried to study, but it is really hard to try and do anything meaningful last minute for an exam that is so broad in scope and that you’ve been studying for so long for.  So after struggling to focus in the library today (went out of habit, seems like most others have given up on the library by now as its getting more and more empty) I went home and opened up the windows, put on some nice music and tried to relax, read a few old Ohio essay questions but mainly indulged my dog Charlie’s attempts to play.  Hopefully a low key evening will lead to a good night of sleep and no problems waking up (got multiple alarms going just in case) as I have never taken a test with so much riding on it (kinda scary really).  Here’s to not freaking out and getting through the 2 and 1/2 days of test taking that lay ahead of us.  See you on the flip side.


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  1. Hi, Ed.

    Best of luck on your exams!


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