In re: bar off our backs

Well Its been over a week now of living in post bar exam bliss, all the useless knowledge that had been methodically crammed in over the course of two months has been dumped unceremoniously on the concrete floor of Veterans Memorial hall in downtown Columbus, if it didn’t end up on one of the 12 essays, two MPTs or the MBE.  This past Monday brought back the stark real world reality of work, except in a post bar exam world the stark real world reality of work is hey, life ain’t too bad and work, well it ain’t too bad either – so basically until the high runs out, going to work and having my evenings free, rather then spent in the library reviewing the rules of joinder and interpleader, is quite like being on vacation, with the perk of being paid for it!

Otherwise been trying to get all the stuff done that I easily pushed aside during bar studying, mainly stupid stuff around the house.   Cheers to August!


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