In re: Oh those overstated copyrights

If you’ve ever watch practically any major sporting even you are probably aware of those little breaks where they mention that ‘this broadcast and any descriptions may not be used without the express authority of the commissioner…’ or something of that nature.  Without really thinking about it people may somehow think that wow, these sports control a whole lot.  In reality they are grossly misstating what their copyright entitles them too and now Google and Microsoft among others (a trade group they are in is actually the entity) have decided to file a complaint with the FTC on this topic.

The complaint alleges “a nationwide pattern of unfair and deceptive trade practices by misrepresenting consumer rights under copyright law.”

What anyone with even a brief intro into copyright law knows is that a copyright does not give one exclusive dominion over their publication or work.  Other users are allowed ‘fair use’ a vague and shifting amount depending on the work and the usage.  Essentially what the NFL or MLB are telling you that you can’t do anything with their work, but really you can, you can use it to criticize it or critique it, you may use it in a derivative work and you may make any ‘fair use’ of it, usually meaning some small portion.  See more on this at BetaNews and


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  1. […] Superbowl:  Wow, what a great game, maybe its because it wasn’t really built up in my mind as going to be something too interesting and I only was half interested (mainly to hope Pats lost) but as for a compelling game and an amazing ending it is gonna be up there.  Eli’s pass and the subsequent amazing catch by Tyree (see ESPN article)  (oh and a video of it is no longer on YouTube due to NFL’s copyright – see previous post on overstated copyrights). […]

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