In re: Columbus in NY Times

As Prof. Lee points out I do have a real job and possibly because of adjusting to life working or to who knows what I haven’t posted in a while (the world seems to have gone on spinning)  I am thinking about easing back into the blogging world, but for now just thought I’d mention an article in Sundays NY Times on Columbus “Columbus Cool” that briefly mentions the growing fashion scene in the Short North and then also some of the restaurants.

 A restaurant scene has also taken hold in the Short North. The new wine bar Marcella’s (5) (615 N. High Street; 614-223-2100) is packed nightly; Northstar (6) (951 N. High Street; 614-298-9999) draws crowds for its organic menu; and Rosendales (3) (793 N. High Street; 614-298-1601) serves coffee-and-pepper-crusted steak with grated chocolate and parsnip silk. All this is a short drive from Tee Jaye’s Country Place (4910 N. High Street; 614-885-1383), a Midwest stalwart where you can order anything on the menu covered in gravy.  (Columbus Cool, NY Times)


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