In re: Rx advertising – Liptor and Dr. Jarvik

If you’ve watched any TV over the last few years you may have seen a series of ads featuring Richard Jarvik, for Liptor, a Pfizer drug, that is trying to squeak out the most it can get before the patent runs out in a few years and apparently the sales pitch of Dr. Jarvik whose ‘creation’ of an artificial heart give him doubtful credibility to pitch the drug as some kind of expert, but in reality it is his status as pseudo-celebrity from the media circus years earlier when the artificial heart was debuted.

I am not a fan of Rx advertising and our culture of prescription, so I thought this article on Jarvik  on MSNBC here.

“Dr. Robert Jarvik’s ubiquitous appearances as a pitchman for Pfizer’s cholesterol-lowering drug Lipitor  have worked well, according to Rich Thomaselli of Advertising Age. Thomaselli notes that third-quarter sales for Lipitor hit $3.3 billion, a 15 percent increase over the same period last year.  Particularly impressive, he points out, because Lipitor already was the world’s best-selling drug — generating income of $13 billion last year alone”


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  1. […] on February 27, 2008 by ed If you remember my post on Dr. Robert Jarvik and RX advertising (In re: Rx advertising – Liptor and Dr. Jarvik) you’ll recall that he was mostly a celeb indorser of sorts and that his medical creditenals […]

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