In re: OSU to No. 1?

Tomorrow the first edition of the BCS  rankings will come out and after two huge upsets today (Cal losing to Oregon St. and LSU losing to KY) it looks like the Buckeyes are sitting at the number 1 spot.  The OSU schedule this year is weak for sure, but don’t blame them for all the other teams horrible losses (KY isn’t that good, despite their ranking, Stanford is horrible most days and Oregon St. they aren’t so hot either).  Of course the season is far from over, OSU has plenty of tough Big Ten games coming up, and with the spotlight turning to OSU these are sure to get even tougher as this young team will have everyone else really gunning and Michigan will sure bring their A game to the big house with a chance to redeem their season (especially if OSU is still undefeated by then, but who knows as Illinois despite their loss, and Wisc can be real tough, not to mention the others)

I’ve been spoiled for sure by the OSU sports scene since I arrived here in Columbus has been absolutely phenomenal.  So I say, enjoy it, at least while it lasts as this wasn’t supposed to be  our year, but neither was 2002, who knows?


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  1. I think Kentucky is GOOD STUFF! Holla!

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