In re: Bar behind us finally

Have waiting , and waiting, and waiting, the bar results finally came out last Friday morning for Ohio.  I logged onto the site at 7:10am to see and was pleased to see that I had passed, that’s right, hard to believe, a real live attorney.  Anyway, I wasn’t as thrilled or excited as I thought I’d be, don’t get me wrong I was definitely thrilled, but I didn’t have any urge to run around screaming or to get overall excited.  The feeling was more relief than anything else, knowing that I wouldn’t have to endure 2 months of studying again (the studying is horrible, the exam itself at 2.5 days wasn’t so bad I thought).

20 years of education and now I can give you some legal advice (not you the reader of course, as nothing on in re: is legal advice, but still, kinda an amazing thing to think)


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