In re: Reporting is reaching new lows?

So this might be on the list of low priority, even of the things that bug me, but since I got this soap box I am gonna spout off.  Ohio newspapers, newspapers in general don’t seem to be that good these days, they might not be new lows, maybe they were never that great, maybe I was a less demanding reader (still not that demanding), but while reading an article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer about a new bill to rename a highway after former Cleveland Mayor Carl B. Stokes, I was kinda overtaken by a particular phrase, one that I see more and more, the use of pretty weak evidence to prove a point, here a stupid minor, point, but nonetheless annoying.  Maybe its just me but I find this sentence ridiculous.

“Stokes’ legacy has played such a significant role in Miller’s life that three years ago, he bought on eBay a 1967 Time magazine with Stokes on the cover. It hangs in his Columbus office. “

Is it just me, or is buying a Magazine cover on eBay not that informative of how important Carl Stokes has been on Miller (who wants to name the highway after him).  My advice, well not being a reporter it should be taken with all kinds of salt and sand, is to avoid phrases like that.  Now you know.


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