In re: How America Lost the War on Drugs

I can’t say I read Rolling Stone much these days, but every now and then some great writing comes out of it (the great book Fast Food Nation got its start in the magazine, as well as Eric Schlosser’s second book Reefer Madness which partially covers the problem with the drug war in America)  Anyway I was interested to see a piece on Slate that declared a new article by Ben Wallace-Wells in RS the Smartest drug story of the year.  Stating that:

“If I were maximum dictator, I would force every newspaper editor, every magazine editor, and every television producer in the land to read Ben Wallace-Wells’ 15,000-word article in the new (Dec. 13) issue of Rolling Stone, titled “How America Lost the War on Drugs.” Slate

The article is well worth the length, I thought it was a fascinating tale of how our drug policy has been formed and how we have spent half a trillion dollars by now fighting drugs and all we have ended up with is a huge surge in our prison population and basically the same problem we started with.


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