In re: NCAA limits in game blog posting

Live Blogging is something I am not really too familiar with, but the NCAA is apparently familiar enough with it to come up w/ some crazy new limits on reporters blog posting (they have apparently thrown a reporter out of a game for too many posts already).  Anyway, the concept of live blogging is giving an account / opinions of the even while in progress and for some (namely the NCAA) they think this is going to far and intruding on their space as providing the sole accounts of the game.  The problem is that they are already making billions and these types of blogs only get fans more into the game and more likely to be watching (and increasing ad money).  So once again greed seems to be the tune of college sports and new media attempts to provide better fan experiences are suffering (which is sad since the NCAA/CBS was actually progressive in putting their tournament up on the net).

“a reporter can blog three times per quarter and once at half-time for NCAA football games and five times per half and once at half-time for NCAA basketball games. Two live posts are allowed per overtime period for basketball. In baseball, live-blogging is allowed once per inning.”

See story  “Too many posts and your out


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