In re: Flex games?

Flex games are new to the NFL, allowing Sunday Night Football (replacing Monday night as the premier game showcase) to shift the time slot (to primetime) of a game in order to get the best game out there (with complex rules on which games they can touch) this is to prevent getting stuck as in past years w/ meaningless games that were thought when original scheduled to be a good matchup.

Now you may paint me a sour Cleveland fan (and you may be right) but I think it might be for the good of the sport to introduce flexible game schedules as well (think flexible matchups.) 

WHAT! You say, you may be calling me crazy.  I know, I know, but what if, just what if you got rid of the Sunday night game this upcoming weekend where the Colts play Tennessee and replaced it with the Browns v. Tennessee.  Suddenly you have a sudden death game where the winner will go to the playoffs and a game w/ potentially large ratings, large fan interest and well an interesting game.  Instead lets look at what we got: Browns v. 49ers that has zero (yeah, strange huh?) implications on the Browns playoff chances, winning, hell playing the game in no way effects their chances, instead the whole answer to their playoff dreams is in the Tennessee game where they play the Colts, who have absolutely nothing, that’s right nothing to play for and Tennessee possibly against a 3rd string Colts team is playing for their lives.

So it’s a flaw that comes up again and again, but what if in situations where teams would gladly forfeit if allowed (Cleveland, and Indy) could swap games somehow (in exchange maybe the Colts would get a draft pick?) and now you got a great and meaningful game.  Not so crazy?


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