In re: New world economic order

Just got back from a brief but enjoyable trip to London, always enjoy getting to walk around that city and amazing to see how international it is even compared to 10 years ago.  Anyway, as you all well know the American economy is struggling under the problems of the sub prime lending problems, and it is interesting that while in times of crisis we as a country apparently have no problem with Middle Eastern soverign wealth funds buying into our country (I have no problem, but you remember the Dubai Ports?) but with Citi needing a massive cash infusion after their bad debt write down oil wealth was ready to step in, and really thats the way it should work – so I was happy to see it (don’t forget when people are invested in each other and trading with each other they don’t really feel like war..).

Another interesting issue is the greenback, with the US dollar continuing to seek lows I saw a pretty amazing sight, Airbus, the consummate reflection of Europeans and their nationalistic interests, looking to build a plant in the US South, in order to capitalize on the low dollar and offset the pain that dollar denominated airplane sales are causing them.  So while my trip to England was severely penalized by the $2 to the pound conversion, hopefully we can start getting those Euros to come spend their money over here and to up our exports as we gain competitive ground.


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