In re: S&N sold for £7.8bn

Scottish & Newcastle, brewers of one of my favorite beers Newcastle just got added to the list of brewers worldwide who are now part of massive conglomerate brewers  (well actually split between two Carlsberg and Heineken going at this in a joint venture).  In the US and Europe pretty much any brewery of any size is now owned by one of these.  Is it good or bad?  I don’t know if it really has an effect on us or not, and secondly if it has any effect on the smaller microbrews that many so called beer snobs prefer as well.  Interestingly this deal may have been more about the Russian ownership interest S&N had in a surging Russian brewer, apparently the next frontier for these groups (Carlsberg owned half and now has the whole thing).   As for Heineken they picked up some international assets as well in this including Newcastle Brown Ale, Foster’s and Strongbow cider, distribution and access to the U.K. cider market was considered an important component’s for Heineken.  See Telegraph for story


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