In re: Cleveland Clinic has gone global

ccad.gifThe Cleveland Clinic is by far and away the biggest brand in Cleveland and the largest employers (probably the biggest real estate holder, but I don’t know about that one – they do seem to grow by a block or two along Carnegie and Euclid Ave every year as well as branches in Florida for all the snowbirds).  The Cleveland Clinic however has now set its sites a lot wider then the area west of University Circle in Cleveland with plans to run a hospital in Abu Dhabi, UAE (Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi page) as well as other plans for Shanghai and Austria, and more likely then not other countries will follow (technically they were already global with a branch in Toronto, CA, (Cleveland Clinic Canada) but nothing on the scale of the proposed 2.5 million square foot facility, planned for Abu Dhabi). See article ‘Cleveland Clinic has its eyes on a global brand‘ Cleveland Plain Dealer

In the comments on the Plain Dealer article a few people complain that this is looking past the people of Cleveland and that as a non-profit this is wrong.  I disagree and think that this is exactly what the Clinic should be doing, eventually the Clinic will reach capacity for Cleveland (there are only so many people who can fly in for treatment) and only so many Clevelanders that need the highly specialized treatments that their true value is seen in.  Further its not like Cleveland or the Clinic don’t benefit from expanding the brand, its very likely that gains and experiences halfway around the world will resonate and provide benefits at home, as well as creating pipelines to feed Doctors to Cleveland for training and back again – taking with them positive vibes (hopefully) about Cleveland (and the US).

America has excelled at high level care (private medicines obvious strength over socialized care) and while we struggle to provide care (at least primary/preventive care) for those without insurance or funds, we can use what we have been good at and help the rest of the world – bring good will, and maybe in the process learn things from them as well.  The more ties we develop, the more interconnected we become and I believe we all benefit – maybe a bit lofty thinking for the subject of ‘just’ building hospitals, but I think its tremendous.

The Clinic branch in Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates on the Persian Gulf, will be a landmark structure in a new financial district to be built on al Sowa Island, one of the city’s many islands.  In renderings, the 360-bed, 2.5-million-square-foot facility looks like a collection of interlocking glass rectangles stacked atop one another….The Clinic has a 15-year operating agreement with Mubadala, a government investment company chaired by Sheik Mohammed bin Zayd al Nahyan, the crown prince of the emirate. The government is building the hospital for an undisclosed amount.


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  1. Greatest hospital EVER!

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