In re: EPL going global

epl.jpgDespite fan opposition already (domestic) and some manager opposition its looking likely that in three years time the English Premier League will be hosting 10 matches (a whole extra 39th round) overseas.  Larger in scope then the NFLs who has already started the trend with a regular season match being held in London and another slated for next year the EPL is going to send its squads around the globe to five cities who are prepared to pay the most.  As an overseas supporter (of Arsenal) I love the idea and the chance for some good matches (i.e. not the summer tour friendlies) being played somewhat nearby is really exciting.  For English fans who feel they are missing out on having their teams at home I am not sure how sorry I feel as it is an extra round, they are going to stagger the matches so that it could be a TV glutton day watching over two days the entire slate of the round (scheduled for January).  FIFA and the FA might have problems with it and are going to be examining the deal, but with salaries rising for the top international talent fans might realize that these types of ventures can possibly prevent ticket cost increases.  I am in favor of the NFL going overseas and I think the NBA who does well on TV globally should do this as well.

The Game Plan

  • All 20 Premier League clubs will play an additional round of league fixtures, extending the season to 39 games, from Jan 2011
  • Cities bid for the right to become a host, not for individual matches
  • Four clubs will travel to one of five host cities, with two games in each venue, played over a weekend. The siting of matches in different time zones would allow television viewers to watch one match after another.
  • Points earned from the games to count towards the final Premier League standings.
  •  Clubs to earn an extra £5 million per season in increased television and commercial revenues
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