In re: From Cleveland the last Democratic debate?

debateatcsu.jpgTonight at Cleveland State University Clinton and Obama lace up their gloves for what might be their last debate.  While I gotta be honest and say I have really tuned out of the debates until last week when I watched some of the Texas one.  To be fair I’ve always thought that having lots of debates would be a good test that would help keep people like Bush out of the process (although this was to be coupled with reduced or limited advertising in my grand scheme).  And to my surprise it seems like people are still up to watching these debates even after we have had so many (and to the Dem’s benefit that they have the candidates to keep going, I don’t think anyone would tune in for a Huckabee/Mccain debate).  So partially because it is being put on in my state but also because my interest in the whole race is getting a bit piqued I am planning in tuning in to see CSU law alum Tim Russert take the state as co-moderator.

I will still be annoyed when I hear Hillary talk about fixing NAFTA something she has been involved with from creation to expansion.  (While there are flaws with NAFTA I support wholeheartedly free trade and don’t believe that sealing off our borders with tariffs will benefit the Ohio economy long term – sounds like I support Mccain on more then a few issues).  I would like to hear some ideas on getting Ohio churning again that don’t involve us firing up twenty steel plants again, but unlikely to get those from the stage tonight.  Oh well.

If your curious what it takes to put on a debate see Cleveland Plain Dealer story


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