In re: Secret Shopping for CR

He enters the supermarket carrying a Styrofoam cooler full of dry ice (to keep the ice cream cold), a pair of gloves (to keep his fingers warm), and a flashlight (to help him see the inkless indentations on the bottom of each container that show where and when it was manufactured). Reaching the freezer section, he sits down and begins stacking ice cream on the floor.” (How the process of reviewing Ben & Jerry’s ice cream begins)

Welcome to the world of Consumer Reports where abiding by their strict code must purchase all of their products secretly, which of course can lead to some explaining when your buying a strange mixture of goods or insuring they are all from the same production cycle. If your interested a little story (I found it interesting and always admired the way CR did their reporting and love their back page ‘Selling It’) see Wired on CR’s Secret Shopping Consumer Reports‘ Secret Shoppers Have Lots of Explaining to Do’


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