In re: Is $400 million for a helicopter democratic?

We live in a democracy that has changed a lot, with the addition of scores of security measures to protect our president at a huge cost.  As we became world policeman we invited more than domestic malcontents to make the president and his entourage a target.  Read an interesting thought on this in the Atlantic Monthly, in the ‘Current’ which comments correctly (I believe) that “democracies don’t need to protect one person at any cost, and shouldn’t. Despotic regimes must, and do. When a president is killed or incapacitated, another one seamlessly takes his place, following Article 2 and the 25th Amendment of the Constitution.” this point is made in the context of the new unbelievably expensive Marine One that is about the most advanced (and comfortable) helicopter ever, with an executive restroom to boot.


4 Responses

  1. $400 million helicopter? And to think there are some who think it’s money well spent.

    nice job here.

  2. The article is amazingly short-sighted. The assassination of a US President would have economic, political, and social implications that aren’t seemlessly cured by the assinated President’s replacement. I’m willing to bet that the assassination of the President would cost the US a whole lot more than what it costs to keep him (or perhaps her) alive.

  3. Dan, at what cost do you think it is worth protecting the president? is it worth 1/3 of our GDP? 1/4? at some point its clearly getting into the absurd, the return on the investment of this helicopter is small, don’t you think he could do most of his job from a normal helicopter? why the need for video conferencing, I think we are getting a little to wrapt up in the idea of needing our president 24/7, geez he goes to bed at 10pm, what do we do then?

  4. 1/3 or 1/4 our GDP? Don’t let hyperbole take you over the edge.

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