In re: Shouldn’t he know this?

One of the big plus factors behind McCain’s in the upcoming presidential election is his supposed expertise on foreign affairs and knowledge from top secret senate briefings over the years. Not trying to be ticky-tacky here but I must say I was a bit concerned when recently in a press conference Joe Lieberman corrects McCain’s assertion that Iran is training Al Qaeda (by whispering in his ear) McCain corrects himself but this is either one of two things, McCain did just slip up or he is going down the tried and true route of fear mongering and using the word Al Qaeda when ever possible. To his credit he corrected himself, but being a supposedly nuanced statesman shouldn’t he have known this? (Some say that this wasn’t a gaff and that he has been using this line before, see story here, and that if it was anyone but Lieberman he would have kept going) See video of the incident here

Update: Apparently McCain isn’t senile and that his campaign has retracted his retraction, standing behind the pledge that Iran is training Al Qaeda despite their religious convictions (see apparently we all can get along). See story on this in Salon

The curious retraction of the senator’s correction occurred on Thursday, when Randy Scheunemann, McCain’s national security spokesman, made the following statement to the New York Sun: “There is ample documentation that Iran has provided many different forms of support to Sunni extremists, including Al Qaeda as well as Shi’ia extremists in Iraq. It would require a willing suspension of disbelief to deny Iran supports Al Qaeda in Iraq….it is helpful to know that he was also a spokesman for the Committee to Liberate Iraq, the neoconservative outfit…[that] insisted on the connection between al-Qaida and Baghdad.”

From ‘Bomb, bomb Iran? John McCain’s gaffe about an Iran-al-Qaida connection revealed how he and his hard-line allies are itching to target the mullahs next.’


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