In re: Spicy Baconator

The Spicy Baconator is an action-packed burger, but part of its success has to go to its hip name. It’s even cooler if you say it with an Arnold Schwarzenegger accent. – Drive Through Gourmet, The Houston Chronicle

So for those that limit there extracurricular activites to reading In re: I appologize for my absence, I was out of town for work and the limited amount of time I was able to log on at night to the overpriced hotel internet were spent trying to stay up on work emails and not filling you in on the excitement that is a gathering of lawyers. So in your eager anticipation of my return post you may have wondered what intersting subject would I delve into to break the posting fast. Sadly its to mention the fact that I cannot comprehend what the current Wendy’s advertisement for the Spicy Baconator is attempting to say (maybe the confusion and thus getting cut rate blogs to mention their ad is the strategy, and if it is I say well done to whatever wise marketing firm crafted these).

If you live in central Ohio as I do you tend to get a bit of Wendy’s news dropped into the rest of the business news due to their headquarters being in Dublin here and tend to know that they aren’t doing to well these days and that their last ad campaigns featuring a red wigged man didn’t seem to do well according to experts. Well I may be the wrong person to judge the new ads that end with an animated ‘Wendy’ extolling the virtues of her chain (‘its wa-a-y better then fast food’).

Anyway the ad that cause me to start writing this involves two people, both eating a spicy baconator and the first discussing the merits of the burger and then saying it deserves a raise and that it “there’s a kick, but it gets the job done…spicy, but it’s a team player… Ihink the spicy baconator deserves a raise.” (what does a kick but it gets the job done mean?), the second person, presumably the boss says that the “spicy baconator should talk to me again in 3 months”in response to the raise request.

While I am not inclined to try the burger I was just a bit curious what the hell the burger getting a raise meant, either way the comments at the blog Mr. Bacon Pants (I kid you not) all chime in saying that this is a solid burger – “Probably the best bacon cheeseburger I have had for sure! ” although one commenter adds “This burger is possibly the most powerful laxative known to man”

The burger even has gotten real reviews (you kidding me?) The Houston Chronicle says: “

The “Spicy” is there, all right, but it’s not so knee-shakin’ that you start checking the walls for a fire extinguisher. It’s an adult burger for grown-up tastes. Or if you have a foodie kid, give it a try. Children should stick with the plain Baconator and take a test bite of your Spicy Baconator for maybe next time.

The Spicy Baconator definitely ain’t diet food. It’s pushing 900 calories, and you haven’t touched your fries yet. If you want to knock off 150 calories and 12 fat grams without disturbing the integrity of the burger, ditch the chipotle sauce. I prefer ketchup on burgers, anyway. Ketchup is prettier than ranch”

Okay, so I am probably the only person who thought about the ad, but for some reason each time I see it I think what is up with that but now I know that it only has 880 calories so who knows maybe i’ll get to try one someday (let’s hope not).


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