In re: What went wrong?

Observers agree that fuel prices were perhaps the single biggest factor in Skybus’ demise, but they disagree on some other points. Some say the company wasn’t managed properly.”  Columbus Dispatch “How could it happen”

Skybus burst onto the scene as the newest low cost US airline last year formed in the model of Ryan Air and other European budget no frills airlines.  Just as suddenly as it appeared it burst into flames ceasing operations last Friday and leaving passengers stranded and without any infrastructure to help them.  With so much promise and so much positive attention why did Skybus implode?  Well it looks like some strategic errors and poor management are to blame but so are the skyrocketing fuel costs where oil almost doubled in price since they opened up shop.

Plenty of other mistakes were there and I think the $10 tickets were never that great an idea – sure they created some buzz, but they could have created buzz for west coast flights with higher prices, and the lack of a phone number and no contingencies to help in the wake of mechanical errors placed the airline as an airline that really could only be relied on by those who had a few days off or a very flexible work schedule.

Its too bad that it happened this way because Skybus created a great buzz here in Columbus and got some people who might have never thought of coming here, do just that.  Hopefully JetBlue who left Columbus since Skybus opened up shop might return, but with the market the way it is, I am not getting my hopes up.

See Dispatch story “How could it happen?


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