In re: Extreme Savers

Uber saver Mike Hegarty, a CPA in Des Moines, Iowa, says he saves $500 a year on meat by purchasing whole animals from local farms.

In case you’ve never done it and you’re having a hard time visualizing it in your garage, when you buy a quarter of a cow from a local farm, a butcher cuts it into the familiar hamburger, flank and sirloin steaks and packages it for you.”  (Extreme-Savers from Yahoo! Finance)

These days everything is extreme, they got extreme golf, extreme makeovers, extreme food, and now apparently extreme savers, people who really really really try and save money (something I will probably never be even close to – trouble even using coupons for me)  but the idea that buying local foods, buying whole (or quarter) animals make a lot of sense, of course most of us don’t buy whole animals, but I assume a few folks with deep freezers or who enter into a food buying co-op can do very well with that (I am doing a CSA 1/2 share this year but its hard to tell if that will be a cost savings or not – but at least the vegetables from it will be local).


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