In re: Nintendos at the ballpark?

I love baseball and not much could get better than a night out at a baseball game with friends and a few beers.  Nintendo is trying to change all that (for the better – lets remember that Japanese love baseball as much as anyone) by introducing for their hand held video game system the Ninentdo DS Fan Network, it opened up last year at Safeco Field in Seattle (Nintendo is an owner of the team and has North American headquarters nearby).  Anyway, the Fan Network allows DS users to order food to be delivered, check stats, watch video replays, play trivia games (probably like the RTN network in bars).  Anyway it sounds like a great idea, as many baseball fans know you definitely have time between pitches to check stats, settle bets over all time this or that and of course have a few beverages.

I say why limit it to Nintendo owners (well I can see why in Seattle they would) but why aren’t other teams jumping all over this and setting up wifi friendly ballparks where I could order drinks on my iPhone or see the stats even if I am in the bleachers with my back to the scoreboard (that the setup in Jacobs, err. Progressive Field in Cleveland – its gonna take a while to get used to saying that).  Anyway, I think its a great idea, Nintendo used to charge $5 for the service but now is dishing it up free.  See Engadget for that update or an older article on MSNBC that explains what its like to use it.


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