In re: This American Life – Live

Last night I went and saw a ‘one night only’ showing via satellite of the This American Life stage show being beamed from a New York auditorium to satellite equipped movie theaters around the country. (see story about the event here)  The turn out in Columbus was pretty small – although apparently some locations sold out.  The tickets were priced at a live $20 price rather than the typical movie ticket, but I thought well worth it for a very enjoyable evening.  The show starts out with Ira Glass the recognizable (at least by voice for anyone familiar with the show) on stage seated behind an audio board where he is able to put together ‘a show’ right in front of everyone, cutting between the more traditional radio bits, some clips from season 2 of the TV show, and some conversations with the TV series producer.  The show ended with a Q&A session, that was a bit disappointing, with Ira not really answering the questions, including not telling us his favorite character on The Wire, you can guess I was disappointed not to learn that.

Also, was a bit surprised that WOSU the Columbus NPR/PRI station wasn’t involved in the showing at all and didn’t show up with a table or some kind of promotion – I wouldn’t be surprised though if half of us listen to the podcast rather than catching the actual radio broadcast.  (Ira mentioned that their podcast is often the most downloaded podcast in the country).


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